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Our cloud partnership empowers organisations of all sizes to create, deploy, and manage data projects at scale with ease. By integrating RapidCanvas with your cloud ecosystem, you can leverage the best of both worlds to accelerate your AI journey and drive business growth.


RapidCanvas, in collaboration with UiPath, brings you a powerful, integrated solution that combines our cutting-edge AI-driven platform with UiPath’s industry-leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities.

Our technology partnership with UiPath enables you to harness the combined power of RapidCanvas’s advanced AI platform and UiPath’s robust RPA solutions, delivering:

1.  Seamless Integration and Automation
2.  Enhanced Decision-Making
3.  Streamlined Collaboration
4.  Accelerated Digital Transformation


Our tiered service partnership program is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, providing varying levels of support and benefits:


Our service partners offer comprehensive support and in-depth expertise to help you drive AI adoption and maximize your return on investment. Platinum Partners provide a dedicated account manager, priority access to new features, and specialized training programs to ensure your success.

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At RapidCanvas, we empower human experts to focus on problem solving and create great products using data, in a matter of days. Combine domain expertise and automated machine learning to build the future.

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