Go from idea to
unique enterprise
AI solution
in 4 weeks

Jumpstart your AI transformation with a unified interface that combines all the building blocks you need to go from data to AI outcomes

Go from Idea to
Solution in 4 weeks

AI solutions are time-consuming and hard to design. Start with proven building blocks that 95% of all enterprise AI solutions use. Jumpstart your AI ideas with our library of 40+ solutions, 200+ data and modeling templates and 150+ data source connectors.

Creating AI solutions should not be an engineering challenge. Start creating with a purpose-built AI platform that takes you from data to AI outcomes rapidly. Focus on what matters most - delivering real business outcome.

Data is a team sport. Choose the environment that best fits you - no-code or notebook. Subject matter experts, data scientists, and business users with diverse skills using different environments work together on the same canvas to deliver better outcomes, faster.

Knowing how to get optimal results from AI requires years of experience. Augment your team with experts who advise on your unique AI solution to get better results. Tap into our network of the top 5% vetted and verified data science experts from your field.

Evolving your idea in RapidCanvas is easy. Start with a prototype, gain buy-in, do what if analyses, compare outcomes, deploy the solution, and, finally, publish an AI data app for business users and customers all in one place.

For every business,
any role.

Business Users

Advance your use cases with confidence

  • Easily connect data from any source

  • Explore your data and discover patterns

  • Prepare data for modelling with just a few clicks

  • Build ML models without code

  • Choose between batch and real-time predictions

  • Speed up the delivery of insights

  • Collaborate across cross-functional teams on the same canvas

Decision Makers

Get more value out of your data

  • Align your teams to be efficient
  • Provide opportunity for seamless collaboration
  • Built by experts in Risk and DataScience from Google, PayPal
  • Get assistance where you need it most
  • Leverage the global network of experts
  • Start with turnkey solutions

Data Scientists

Develop solutions to deliver value

  • Seamless integration with GIT
  • Take advantage of automated feature engineering
  • Quickly operationalise your pipelines
  • Build ML models faster with AutoML
  • Discover and reuse assets for efficiency
  • Deploy, monitor and retrain models with ease
  • Collaborate across cross-functional teams on the same canvas

Data Engineers

Leverage industry-agnostic turnkey infrastructure

  • Move fast with visual flows and pipelines
  • Manage change better with history and tracking
  • Efficiency with elastic hardware usage suitable for businesses of all sizes – small to large and for size of compute requirements
  • Easy API Integration and deployments
  • Choose between batch and real-time predictions
  • Monitor performance and detect drift

Life Path of
Artificial Intelligence

Trusted by
Industry Leaders

Let’s build Impactful AI

At RapidCanvas, we empower human experts to focus on problem solving and create great products using data, in a matter of days. Combine your expertise with automated machine learning to build a better future.

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