Transform Financial Planning & Analysis With AI

Introduce AI in your Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) teams to improve forecasting accuracy, speed-up decision-making, reduce errors and improve automation.

Trusted By FP&A Leaders

Ryoichi Sato

Director of Risk

SFR3 Fund

“RapidCanvas has been instrumental in helping us at SFR3 to integrate our domain expertise with their turnkey solution. With their help, we’ve been able to migrate our legacy knowledge into a modern data stack and automate complex financial processes seamlessly. The result has been valuable insights and analytics that we can use to make data-driven decisions. Their platform is ergonomic and intuitive, making it easy for our team to collaborate and positively contribute to high-value activities.”  


In today's dynamic business landscape, FP&A departments face an array of challenges that demand innovative solutions. From ever-increasing data volumes and complex financial regulations to the need for accurate forecasting and strategic decision-making, the pressures are mounting. However, the power of AI and ML solutions offers a transformative path forward.

By harnessing advanced algorithms and automation techniques, AI empowers FP&A professionals to extract meaningful insights from massive datasets, enabling accurate forecasting, risk assessment, and cost optimization. With AI's ability to automate repetitive tasks and enhance data accuracy, FP&A teams can focus on strategic initiatives, driving better business outcomes and staying ahead in this competitive era.

Challenges in FP&A that can be addressed through AI

  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Inefficient manual tasks
  • Complexity of financial models
  • Lack of cross-departmental collaboration
  • Lack of quality real-time insights
  • Siloed data sources


Midsize and large companies still use spreadsheets to manage their planning and budgeting processes.


Organizations that consider themselves to be “high performing” FP&A teams


Finance professionals who believe ​​data science/ML skills are the most difficult to find

Leverage Tailored
AI Solutions Instantly

Real-time Insights

Access real-time insights and interactive dashboards for better decision-making


Build highly accurate AI models to solve critical challenges within FP&A


Manage risk and cybersecurity with industry-leading best practices


Gain customer trust with explainable AI processes


Facilitate real-time collaboration between business and technical teams

Data aggregation

Seamlessly connect and prepare data from multiple sources

Why customers
choose RapidCanvas

See Rapid Time To Value

Address unique business needs without starting from scratch; state your business problem and the AutoAI discovery process will generate a matching AI solution

Go Beyond Templates

Modify your AutoAI generated solution using no-code interface with over 300+ no-code AI templates to modify & edit the solution, as needed

Use An End-to-end AI Solution

Achieve end-to-end AI solution with an out-of-the-box setup for all steps from data orchestration, data preparation, transformations, model building and testing, through to model deployment and data apps

Access Actionable Business Insights

Create visual interactive data apps, dashboards and reports to showcase business KPIs and outcomes

Build Expert-Led AI

Develop impactful AI solutions or data apps with assistance from data science experts, and leverage their industry knowledge

Customer Stories

Firstname Lastname

Chief of Administration

Company Inc. 

I am extremely satisfied with the fraud detection capabilities of RapidCanvas. The platform has significantly reduced the number of fraudulent transactions and given me peace of mind when using their services. I highly recommend RapidCanvas to anyone looking to use AI in the financial services space.

RapidCanvas Solutions For FP&A Teams

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