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With RapidCanvas, create delightful and seamless AI-enabled 360° shopping experiences for customers, across virtual and physical platforms


The retail and e-commerce industries are facing a variety of challenges in the current digital age. These challenges include fraud, shelf monitoring, personalized experiences, and more. According to a Juniper Research report, global losses associated with fraud soared to $56 billion in 2020, and the cost of chargebacks, replacements, and operational costs was 3.36x higher than the average cost of fraud. Shelf monitoring is necessary to identify product conditions on store shelves such as availability, varieties, space, pricing, and promotions. Furthermore, personalized experiences are essential for building meaningful connections with customers and providing an exceptional customer experience.

Data Points

> 37%

NVIDIA survey respondents believe that AI will become a source of competitive advantage

~ 43%

Survey respondents stated that AI is yielding more accurate models.

> 30%

Respondents stated that AI increases annual revenues by more than 10

Implement AI to build delightful customer experiences

  • Complex inventory management
  • Poor product placement on shelves
  • Shoplifting
  • E-commerce fraud
  • Fluctuating markets and pricing
  • Customer churn
  • Last mile delivery
  • Diverse and siloed data sources
  • Inaccurate demand forecasting
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft

Transform customer experiences with the power of AI

Real-time data

Make data-driven decisions using powerful real-time insights


Gain customer trust with explainable transparent AI processes

Diverse data sources

Access all your data on one platform, ready for machine learning


Manage risk and cybersecurity with industry-leading best practices


Leverage a single platform for the entire machine learning process


Partner with industry experts for custom advice on every step of the journey.

Customer Stories

Firstname Lastname

Chief of Administration

Company Inc. 

I am extremely satisfied with the fraud detection capabilities of RapidCanvas. The platform has significantly reduced the number of fraudulent transactions and given me peace of mind when using their services. I highly recommend RapidCanvas to anyone looking to use AI in the financial services space.

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