AI Solutions for Energy and Utilities

With AI, improve the productivity of energy assets, place utilities facilities in optimal conditions, and ensure a steady supply of energy to make the most of your long-term investments.


The energy industry is facing numerous challenges in the 21st century, including the need to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and improve safety. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool to help address these challenges, with the potential to drive measurable improvements in renewable energy forecasting, grid operations and optimization, coordination of distributed energy assets and demand-side management, and materials innovation and discovery. AI-powered solutions for the energy industry can help optimize yields and grids, while improving safety and reducing waste.

Data Points


Energy and utilities companies that are either already invested in AI or will do so in the next two years


Increase in operating reliability for firms who have deployed digital twins

$11 million

Decreased expenses due to failure prevention with digital twins

Challenges in Energy and Utilities that can be addressed through AI

  • Energy demand forecasting
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Expensive asset maintenance
  • Smooth grid management
  • Optimum site selection
  • Increased downtime and failures
  • Safety concerns
  • Inefficient resource allocation

Improve Efficiency
with the Power of AI


Partner with industry experts for custom advice on every step of the journey


Manage risk and cybersecurity with industry-leading best practices

Cost efficient

Reduce maintenance costs and manage risk and performance


Gain customer trust with explainable AI processes

Diverse Data Sources

Access all your data on one platform, ready for machine learning


Leverage a single platform for the entire machine learning workflow

Customer Stories

Firstname Lastname

Chief of Administration

Company Inc. 

I am extremely satisfied with the fraud detection capabilities of RapidCanvas. The platform has significantly reduced the number of fraudulent transactions and given me peace of mind when using their services. I highly recommend RapidCanvas to anyone looking to use AI in the financial services space.

AI Use Cases in
Energy and Utilities

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