Teamwork Makes
The Dream Work

At RapidCanvas, we are a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with machine learning and AI.

Our Mission

We help bring your AI concepts to life. We deliver industry benchmarked out-of-the-box AI solutions that can be easily customized by business users using a conversational interface.

at RapidCanvas

We build, learn, and grow together, and are inspired by our unified belief in the power of human intelligence, augmented by data.

We are a diverse, global, and remote-first team.

We’re excited to meet anyone who is motivated to join us on our mission.


Humans behind the AI

Our leadership team brings in the expertise and experience in developing machine learning platforms at large companies like Google and PayPal as well as at startups. Our team members are located across the Americas, Europe, and India.

Kedar Samant

Co-founder and Head of Data Science

Rahul Pangam

Co-Founder and CEO

Uttam Phalnikar

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Bernardo Loureiro


Fuge Zou

Data Science

Nikunj Jain


Nitin Gupta


Suresh Godhaniya


Vandana VK

People Operations

Varun Reddy Putta


Afaf Athar

Data Science

Kavya Ram Mohan

Content Marketing

Vijaykumar Nanikeri


Vinay Chaganti

Strategic Partnerships

Santosh Gayam

Product Design

Erkin Gunay

Product marketing

Shirisha Sanikommu


Srujana Reddy

Technical Writing

Shubham Khandelwal

Data Science

Rohit Anand Gupta

Data Science

Benjamin Elsea


Prachi Agrawal


Payal Kendre

Growth Marketing

Jose dos Passos

Solutions Engineering

Join Team RapidCanvas

At RapidCanvas, we empower human experts to focus on problem solving and create great products using data, in a matter of days. Combine domain expertise and automated machine learning to build the future.

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